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Arabic Speaker Translator Tutor


Institute of Ribat Tareem,Yemen
Certificates in Islamic Law's Study.,
Usul Addin/Fiqh/Tasawuf,
A Level
Activities and Societies: Arabic Speaker/Translator for Malaysian Embassy at Sanaa,North Yemen. Arabic Translator & Public Relationships for Malaysian Employees from Petronas Oil company at Jazan,South Saudi Arabia. President for Malaysian Student's Society (PERMAYA) 2008-2010. Hosted & Public Relationships ,Speaker & Hospitality,Honored to get involved & served our Prime Minister's, Tun Mahatir & Minister's of Malaysian Government at 2001 & after that Pak Lah (Abdullah Badawi) with Minister's like Rafidah Aziz & our Foreign Minister Dato' Hamid Albar at 2007-08.
Skills in Arabic Majors it's not related with Certificates,Diploma @ Degree!!That's a Gifted with Talented Skills besides your Desires,Patience & Sacrifices, to Learn & Struggle on their World of Cultures & Lifestyles.Which every Arabian Countries with so many Tribe's also hundreds with their own slang.الزعيم و كان هم العرب. القائد عالم،/LEADER & WORLD CONQUER IT WAS THEM ARAB،BEFORE!! أنظر ما قال ولا تنظر من قال... WISELY SAID; LOOK WHAT DID HE'D TALKING & DO NOT LOOK WHO'S WAS TALKING...

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