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Descrição do Trabalho

Do you know ? Which website are visited more world wide and What is the revenue of that Website ?You Can find the result at google ...If you look to it  you will see the adult category website listed at top 15 website which visited worldwide and It revenue is equivalent to Amazon , google etc .
And amazing fact is that you even enter to adult category and make a website on it ..It will start to give you return from the next month on wards. Organic traffic start to come to adult video website automatically and help to earn from the website by placing different advertisement to it .
Are you willing to enter to this segment to earn passive income for life time ..
I can help you to build a adult video website at a cheap price which will be similar to most popular this category website and you can start earning.
What I do for you 
1. Choose best theme for adult tube website
2. Add auto publish of adult video to the website , No worry video will be update automatically on time interval.
3. Set advertisement place for your profit 
4. Share information how you can publish advertisement to it for Income
5. Share how you can build some best traffic to it 
6. Share how to make the website unique
7. Seo friendly 8. Mobile Friendly
9. Traffic Monitoring Mechanism 
10. Keywords Trend for more market
11. Step by step guide sheet to how to drive more traffic, place third party advertisement.
12. Help you to get advertisement for your site from third party
13. Ultimately a best responsive website with adult video for your Income
What You think Will you willing to get a passive Income for year after year , If yes order it 
What you need to start this work ?
1. A domain name , it should be with a keywords . I can help you on it 2. A hosting provider which support adult content hosting 3. Rest .. I will do it only for $50 4. Your Total Investment not more than $100 but it will give you $100 monthly for future
Guidlines :- Choose a niche topic or keywords for your domain and website for best results.

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Taxas de processamento (10%): 5.00 USD

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