How to withdraw bitcoin in india

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Due to RBI rules and regulation now Indian Customer will not able to withdraw their Bitcoin from their ZEBPAY , UNOCOIN , BLOCKCHAIN or any other cryptowallet . It seems that bitcoin value also go down day to day . So it not safer to keep your money as bitcoin now or any more . I will help you to withdraw your BITCOIN to rupee . If you are interested please text me .
This bitcoin to rupee withdraw services is listed here as a service , so you will be charges 15% fees of your total bitcoin amount. Means If you transfer $100 equivalent Bitcoin , You will get $85 equivalent rupee in your bank account. Its not more because Bitcoin value may drop or loss you money more than that . You are the evidence of bitcoin which go $19999 last year November- December and it now stand below $5000.
Total Process will take 2-10 days maximum.
Are you interest contact me
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You Can withdraw any Bitcoin amount starting from $5 to $50000

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